Information about the HSP instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

From quotations to invoices
Invoices & Payments
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Manage financial and analytic accounting
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Organize and plan your projects
Sell your products online
Manufacturing Orders & BOMs
Email Marketing
Design, send and track emails
Create and customize your Odoo apps
Document management
Centralize employee information
UPS Shipping
Send your shippings through UPS and track them online
Centralize, manage, share and grow your knowledge library
Product Tiered Pricing
Order Quantity Based Tiered Pricing for Products
Activity Reminder
Activities Daily Reminder,Mail Activity Reminder Notification,Popup Activity Reminder,Pop Up Activity Reminder,Activities Reminder,Schedule Activity And Notification,Activity Daily Reminder,Daily Activities Management,Due Date Reminder Activity Reminders Activity Notifications Activity Deadline Reminders Late Activity Reminder Notify Reminders Notify Activities Activity Alarms Activity Management Manage Activities Activity Popup Set Activity Set Activities Set Reminders Odoo
Age Verification Popup
Show Age Popup on Website Message Popup Confirmation Alert Conformation Alert Website Age Verify Website Conformation Popup Confirmation Popup Website Pop up Website Alert Confirmation Popup Alert Odoo Age Verification Odoo Add Age Verification on Website Age Restriction Popup Website Age Restriction Pop up On Website Age Gate Popup Age Alert Verify Age Verification Message Age Alert Message Restrict Age Show Age Pop up on Website Message Pop up Conformation Pop up Website Age Gate Pop up Age Verification Pop up
Partner Address Autofill
AutoFill Of Address Google Places API Customer Address Auto Fill Based On Google Places Address Autofill Based On Google Places Auto Fill Street Auto Fill PIN Auto Fill Country Contact Address Auto Fill State Company Address Auto Fill Odoo Customer Address Autofill Contact Address Autofill Partner Address Autofill Address Autofill for Partners Automatic Address Fill for Partners Partner Information Autofill module Partner Location Autofill tool Address Auto-populate for Partners Partner Address fillup Auto metically Fillup Partner Address Automated Partner Address Entry Auto-fill Partner Location Details Auto-fill Partner Address Details Partner Address Data Auto-entry Address Autofill for Partner Records Address Autofill for Partner Address Odoo
Manage Ecommerce Categories In Multi Website
Website Multi Category Multi Website Per Product Multi Website Per Category Multi Purpose Ecommerce Multi Websites Bulk Website Assign In Ecommerce Categories Multi Website In Ecommerce Categories Multi Website In eCommerce Category eCommerce Category In Multi Website Multiple Website In eCommerce Categories Multiple Website In Ecommerce Category Ecommerce Category In Multiple Website Ecommerce Categories In Multiple Website E-commerce Categories In Multi Website E commerce Categories In Multi Website E-commerce Categories In Multiple Website E commerce Categories In Multiple Website Odoo Manage eCommerce categories in multi website in odoo Manage E commerce categories in multi website in odoo Manage E-commerce categories in multi website in odoo manage Ecommerce categories in multi website in odoo eCommerce website Ecommerce website E-commerce website E commerce website Website ecommerce Website e commerce Website e-commerce
Product Multi Website
Manage Multi Website For Products Set Product For Specific Website Multiple Website Per Product Multi Website For Every Product Set Websites Specific Product Module, Set Multiple Website Odoo
Odoo to Spreadsheet Connector
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Odoo Taxjar Connector
Compute sales tax automatically using TaxJar based on customer and warehouse address in United States. (TaxJar Odoo, TaxJar Integration, Sales tax, Auto Tax Calculator)
Send documents to sign online and handle filled copies
Track, prioritize, and solve customer tickets
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Centralize your address book
Schedule employees' meetings
Social Marketing
Manage your social media and website visitors
Marketing Automation
Build automated mailing campaigns
Live Chat
Chat with your website visitors
SMS Marketing
Design, send and track SMS
Use barcode scanners to process logistics operations
Organize your work with memos and to-do lists
Skills Management
Manage skills, knowledge and resume of your employees
Make and receive phone calls from within Odoo.