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Hemp Supply Prime is your All In solution for innovative, cannabinoid rich, white label and bulk. We proudly serve brands and wholesalers nationwide with our premium product solutions located in Southern California.


 MOQ 300 Units


MOQ 1,000 Units


 MOQ 1 Unit (Jar of 1Kg)


MOQ 1 Units (bag of 1lb)


MOQ 1 Units (bag of 1,000)

Prime Shipping

We centrally warehouse all of the products listed on our site. Depending on the order size all shipments are made within 2-3 business days or you are immediately given the anticipated lead time.

Prime Guarantee

We offer a satisfaction guarantee exchange/credit policy. Many suppliers have a strict no return policy but we allow products to be returned within 72 hours for exchange or credit. No money back refunds.

We value the relationship as your trusted supplier always bringing you only premium products at competitive pricing. 

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