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    Our 200mg Special Blend is only intended for experienced users with a high tolerance to edibles. This potent blend is packed with a combination of D9,HHC,D8 and THCP which is much stronger than D9 for a deeply heavy high experience. Some are able to fully function at high levels of productivity while others are completely couch locked from this gummy. Again the outcome is all based on the user's tolerance to cannabinoids and it’s always recommended to start with ½ gummy. 

    Many people have had more than unsavory experiences with gummies not properly understanding the appropriate dose to take. That being said, comparing gummy intake to alcohol consumption is a more familiar way to compare. 

    This range is based on the tolerance level of the user which can vary greatly among different people. Strength of gummy comparison to alcohol consumption:

    While we are using this as a comparison chart we recommend never mixing edibles with alcohol.