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What sets our HTE apart is our proprietary "Polishing" procedure. This secondary process transforms the darker brown, crude appearance of the oil into a mesmerizing gold-amber hue. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal, but it also modulates its chemical composition by reducing the D9 potency and elevating the THCA potency. Given its potent terpene profile, our HTE is ideal for vape formulations. It can be seamlessly blended at concentrations ranging from 15-30% with other cannabinoids such as D8, HHC, H4, THCP, and HHCP. Experience the essence of quality and potency with our refined HTE.

Kush Crasher


Apple Jelly Cake


Strawberry Bomb


Punch Mintz


Gush Bomb


Grape Gasoline


Chem Scout


F1 Gushers


Raw Polished HTE

 Minimum Order Quantity 250g @ $7/g

Mixed 1 Liter (250x4)

$ 6.50/g

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1 Liter Single Flavor

$ 5.50/g

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3-5 Liters Single Flavor

$ 5.00/g

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6-10 Liters Single Flavor

$ 4.50/g

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10+ Liter Single Flavor

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​HTE/D8/THCP Blend (50%/48%/2%)

 Minimum Order Quantity 250g @ $7/g

1L Single Flavor

$ 3.00/g

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3L-5L Single Flavors

$ 2.65/g

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6L-10L Single Flavors

$ 2.40/g

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10+L Single Flavor

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Blend Options

HSP also has the ability to formulate the HTE with other cannabinoids to assist clients with vape ready liters.

Pre Ready Blends

  • HTE/D8/THCP - Indica
  • HTE/HHC/HHCP - Hybrid
  • HTE/H4/THCP - Sativa

Custom formulations

  • D8
  • THCP
  • HHC
  • HHCP
  • THCA distillate
  • Other

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